Organized Play Ranking Methodology

This system changed a bit before the 2021 season. For lots of words about that, see this blog post. I also tweaked it mid-2022 season. Lots of words about that in this post.

This system uses quality of competition and field size to adjust race and tournament results before adding up the best 5 adjusted races results and best 2 adjusted tournament results to come up with a final ranking. Below I break out the details and discuss more about my rational along the way.

Note that most of these numbers relate only to the current 1-year season. Each season ends after the last major summer convention in which a sanctioned tournament occurs. Also note that as with everything about Championship Formula Racing, I was greatly aided in perfecting improving this system through the suggestions and help of many many others.

Ranking Points = Top 5 Adjusted Race Scores + Top 2 Adjusted Tournament Scores

Ranking Points is the number that determines a driver's rank. The higher the better.

Top 5 Adjusted Race Scores is the sum of a driver's top 5 adjusted race scores. In short, I adjust race results based on the quality of competition. More details below.

Why 5? I wanted to make this number as large as I reasonibly could without seriously penalizing people who did not have time to go to 3 conventions and participate in every PBeM out there. This number changed from 4 to 5 before the 2020 season as more drivers participated in more races. Ideally I will keep this number as large as possible.

Why sum of top 5 and not average or median? I also wanted to incentivize maximum race participation. I want people to participate in as many races as they can without worrying about it affecting their ranking badly. If a driver does really well in their first 5 races of a season, I do not want it to make them hesitant to race again. With this system, every race you participate in can only ever improve your score that season. Worst case scenario is that it adds nothing to your total points.

Top 2 Adjusted Tournament Scores is the sum of a driver's top 2 adjusted tournament scores. In short, I adjust tournament results based on the quality of competition (exactly as I do with individual races). More details below. Note that after 2020 only the top 3 finishers in a tournament get points and the value is generaly half what it was before.

Why 2? As with adjusted race scores, I wanted to make this number large but reasonible. As of the birth of Organized Play there are 4 tournaments on the schedule -- 2 in person and 2 PBeM. That made me feel relatively good about using 2 tournaments instead of just 1. And that number has generally increased over time.

Why give extra points for tournaments at all? It is completely possible for a driver to win a tournament and yet have fewer adjusted race scores from that tournament as another driver in the same tournament. How? If one driver wins every qualifying heat but then loses the finals. So I wanted tournament winners to get a bump for that.

Is a lower series in a Ladder it's own tournament? It used not to be, but as of 2021 it will be.

Now lets look at exactly what makes up an adjusted race score.

Adjusted Race Score = Race Score * Adjusted Field Rating
finish points
1st 23
2nd 16
3rd 11
4th 8
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1
11th + 0

Race Score is the points gained by a driver in a particular race. The points scale on the right is something I arrived at over the years. The goal is to emphasize podium finishes (top 3) and race wins in particular.

Adjusted Field Rating is the average of the ratings of the top 10 drivers in that race
is now the combined ratings of the top 8 drivers divided by 8. The biggest change here is that I'm dividing by 8 even if there are fewer than 8 drivers in the race. In 2022 there were a number of 3-5 driver races. While I don't like penalizing people for things like small player counts. Winning a race against 2 or 3 other people is just not the same as winning against 7 other people.

Driver ratings range from 1.75 to 0.5 based on their CFR OP ELO rating at the start of this season. The exact formula looks like this:

If driver's ELO < 1000: ((ELO / 1000) * 0.5) + 0.5
Otherwise: ((ELO < current max ELO) * .75) + 1 Rookies are assigned 0.5

ELO? I'm not going to explain ELO too much, smarter people have done so elsewhere on the internet. But some specifics for how I'm doing it. All races in a given season are considered to have occured at the same time. So ELOs are only recalculated at the end of every season. Rookies get assigned an ELO of 1000. K values vary depending on the number of non-silo races your opponent has participated in.

0 non-silo = 5 K
3 = 10 k
6 = 15 k
9 = 20 k

A non-silo race is the number of races outside of your main community.

Adjusted Tournament Score = Tournament Score * Adjusted Field Rating

As you can see, tournament standings are scored the exact same way an individual race is scored.

Tournament Score is given only to the top 3 finishers in that tournament. They get half the raw number of points that they would if this were a race.

Adjusted Field Rating is the average of the ratings of the top 20 drivers in that tournament
is now the combined ratings of the top 8 drivers divided by 8. This change brings the tournament scores in line with individual races. I also think top 20 was over-kill when only the top 3 places get points.

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