Organized Play Ranking Methodology

Hugely simplified system for the 2023 season.

The TL:DR is that I am only taking into account results from events / tournaments now, not individual races. I also ditched the previous method for weighting results to account for competition. Now I'm simply using total drivers in the field to do this.

Ranking Points = Top 2 Adjusted Event Scores

Ranking Points is the number that determines a driver's rank. The higher the better.

Top 2 Adjusted Event Scores is the sum of a driver's top 2 adjusted event scores. In short, I adjust event results based on the number of participants. More details below.

Why 2? It feels like the right number. I certainly do not want to base this off of just 1 result. But 3 results at this time looks like it will push Ranking Points from being a qualitative measure to a quantitative one. So 2 it is.

Is a lower series in a Ladder still it's own event? Yes and more on Ladders and the like later.

Now lets look at exactly what makes up an adjusted event score.

Adjusted Event Score = Event Score * Adjusted Field Rating
finish points
1st 23
2nd 16
3rd 11
4th 8
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th 1
11th + 0

Event Score is the points gained by a driver for their finish in a particular event. The points scale on the right is something I arrived at over the years. The goal is to emphasize top-3 finishes and event wins in particular.

Adjusted Field Rating = ( Drivers + (Feeder Drivers / 4) ) / 10

Drivers is the total number of drivers in the event.

Feeder Drivers is the number of drivers in series that feed into this one such as in a Ladder style series. Why am I dividing this by 4? Mostly this is feel. I played around with different values there and 4 seemed to provide the right balance in situating the rungs of a Ladder against stand-alone events.

Dividing by 10 at the end is just stylistic. It doesn't really impact anything.

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