WBC Tournament Rules

WBC Qualification Heats

  1. Field Size: Races will be composed of no more than 12 cars each. Multiple races will be run simultaneously during each qualifying time slot to accommodate all drivers wishing to participate. No driver may run in more than one race at the same time.

  2. Field Seeding: If more then 12 people are participating in a qualifying round, participating racers are seeded based on their Championship Formula Racing rank as published prior to the event. Each driver is then assigned to a specific race in snake-draft order (ABBAABBAA...; ABCCBAABCCB...; etc.). If the number of drivers does not divide evenly between the number of races held, place the last (most) drivers in the same race as the lower seeds. The number one seed in a qualifying should never race against more drivers then another race in the same heat.

WBC Finals

  1. Finals: 12 people will qualify for the finals.

  2. Finals Qualifying: All drivers are ranked based on their single best qualifying finish. As the term suggests, a person must finish a race in order to have that result count as a finish. Ties amongst drivers with the same single best finish are broken using the following criteria.
    1. Best Finish occured in first heat entered.
    2. Most finishes at the same level as their best finish.
    3. Best Finish occured in second heat entered.
    4. Best Finish occured in third heat entered.
    5. Most total qualifying points.
    6. Average finish of all heats entered. DNF results count as a finish equal to the total number of entrants in that race for purposes of this calculation only.
    7. High Dice Roll

Qualifying Points Table

  1. Alternates: Any driver who fails to qualify for the Finals' field of 12 soley because of a tie-breaker situation becomes an alternate. Alternates are ranked as per the above qualifying rules. No other drivers may participate in the finals.

  2. Finals Qualifying Bonuses: Will no longer be used as of the 2017 event.

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