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CFR Organized Play is a way to recognize CFR events and crown a yearly champion.

Below is a formal enumeration of the basic rules around organized play events. On the left you can find links to forms for submitting results from OP events, an explanation of the ranking methodology, and more information from my blog.

Qualifications for Organized Play Inclusion

  1. Only tournaments, events, or seasons are considered for inclusion in Organized Play. Not individual races.
    1. Tournaments must include at least 3 total races.
    2. Tournaments are counted towards the season when the tournament is completed.
    3. Regional seasons / events may not be held more than once per CFR OP season. No doubling up for double points.
  2. Events must be presented as a Championship Formula Racing or CFR event in any publicity or convention materials as appropriate.
  3. The event has a designated Steward. The steward is responsible for making sure that all guidelines are met.
  4. The event should be open to the public. This means that any member of the public who shows up to attend and follows any related convention rules should be given a chance to participate if at all possible.
  5. Official CFR Rules are used
    1. This includes the following pre-approved optional rules.
      1. Pitting (from CFR core rules)
      2. Knock-Out Qualifying (from CFR core rules)
      3. Drivers do NOT have to navigate any corners after crossing the finish line (approved 10/26/2016)
    2. Historical drivers may not be used for official OP events.
    3. An event steward may send un-approved optional or house rules to me ( for approval before an event.
  6. The steward is responsible for communicating results to me ( See the form for details on required information.

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