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Championship Formula Racing

This web site is shifting its focus from the past to the future. Last year, I was asked by Jolly Roger games to re-invent Speed Circuit. Thus Championship Formula Racing was born. So this site will now focus on CFR rules, tracks, and support.

Speed Circuit was a formula one racing simulation board game first published by 3M. After 3M was bought by Avalon Hill, they published a major revision in the 1970s. Avalon Hill is now a subsidiary of Hasbro and Speed Circuit appears to have died in their archive.

Primarily a strategy game, players guide their cars around actual Formula One tracks from past and present using cars that have been customized for Start Speed, Acceleration, Top Speed, Deceleration, Tire Wear, and Driver Skill. While the game has not been officially revised since 1977, a very active grey market of unofficial rule revisions has kept the game up to date and maintained its loyal following.

Most recently Jolly Roger Games asked me to re-imagine the game for modern gamers and old school fans alike. That game is Championship Formula Racing.

Douglas Schulz