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The World Boardgaming Championships (WBC) is a yearly convention for boardgame players.
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Car Design Table
car design points (2 total)
Top Speed140160180200
Start Speed2060100120
Wear5 (15)6 (18)7 (21)8 (24)
Driver Skill6, 1s
0, 3s
9, 1s
1, 3s
12, 1s
2, 3s
15, 1s
3, 3s

  1. Wear On the chart above, the first number is the number of wear per lap that you are purchasing. The number in parenthesis is then the total number of wear you will have for the entire race.
  2. Skill Chips: Skill chips are bought during car construction similar to how wear is bought. On the chart above, the top number is the number of -1 skill chips received and the bottom number is the number of -3 chips received. [This is scaled for a typical 3 lap race. The underlying formula is to provide 2, 3, 4, or 5 -1 chips per lap raced based on the level of buy plus an additional 0, 1, 2, or 3 -3 chips depending on buy. However, the -3 chips received are not increased per lap.].
  3. Skill Chip Use: Skill chips are usable on the race tables noted below. Typically no more then -2 can be applied to any one die roll. However, a driver can apply -3 to a single die roll by using a -3 value skill chip. -3 skill chips can be changed into three -1 chips if a driver wants to use them that way. However, a driver can never apply -3 to a die roll unless the driver has a -3 chip.

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