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Monaco, Monte Carlo

Name, LocationL3wL/C #406080100120140160 1+5+10+15+Lg
Monaco, Monte Carlo5145%7.3 71420000 330115
Median Track7646%9.6 80221110 231117

single-page map (PDF)

style: Far-and-away the shortest track there probably ever will be in F1. One good thing from a game play perspective is that it plays pretty quickly. It is also the slowest track in this collection as its the only track in this group without a corner of 100mph or more and with one of the two 40mph corners among these tracks. Despite all that it plays very well and is probably only a problem if you try to run a full field of cars on it. The very short front straight ends in the tricky Sainte Devote. The run up Beau Rivage ands in the tightly packed in-field section including 4 corners seperated by no more then 2 spaces each. However, the run through the tunnel is a decently long back straight that ends in the difficult chicane before a run up to La Rascasse. Lining up La Rascasse can be tricky. Its short and slow in some places but still an interesting challenge.

notes: Corner 1 is probably the trickiest design here because if you end your move on the inside space right before the corner you have to use the inside lane of the corner without an arrow. Corner 6 is 80s in both lanes. Corner 7 is a pretty standard increasing radius corner without an arrow. Oh and corner 4 is the only time I've ever written 20 mph on a track, so even though it does have an arrow, its arguably THE slowest corner among these tracks.

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