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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Name, LocationL3wL/C #406080100120140160 1+5+10+15+Lg
Sao Paulo, Brazil6746%8.4 81213010 420222
Median Track7646%9.6 80221110 231117

single-page map (PDF)

style: This track has a bit of an identity complex. Its a short track with an average number of corners 4 of which are packed into a nicly technical in-field. But it also has 2 long straights, one of which is one of the longest. The massive front straight ends by narrowing to 2-lanes a space before a tight and slow, 2-corner combo Senna S — immediately follwed by the long back straight. After corner 3 there is a short run up to a fast decreasing radius corner that begins the tight infield section. These 4 corners are sperated by no more then 2 spaces each. Interesting non of them have arrows and each is diffent. Exiting that section there is a short tun to the last corner before begining the front straight again. The start/finish line is located very close to corner #1 and so there is a lot of straight between the last corner and the finish line at the end of the race.

notes: Curva Do Laranjinha starts with 2 140 spaces side-by-side before a more normal 120-140 section, allowing lane changes in the middle of this corner. The next corner (#5) is 40mph both inside and outside. The front straight has two sections where the outer two lanes have 2 spaces where the inside lane has only 1.

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