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...Of course, that means e-mail these days. Since this is an official BPA series, you must be a member of the BPA at the Associate Level or higher.

The Second Season will begin March 15th
Sign up by March 8th
E-mail Robert to sign up or with questions
  1. All dice rolling will be done on the dice server noted on the menu to the right, a typical dice roll title will have the players name, the type of roll being made, the move number, the heat number, and race letter.
    Example: Robert, Late Brake, Move 20, Heat 1 race A
  2. We will be using the WBC rules and charts for this game.
  3. Qualifying for each race will be a secret bid. Each tire is worth 1 and each skill is worth ½. Ties will be broken with a d100 roll.
  4. All races will be 3 laps, no pitting.
  5. Once there is only 3 moves left to be made for that turn, an email reminder will go out to those drivers
  6. Moves will take place every 36 or so hours, if all moves are in early the move will be processed earlier.
  7. Each move should try to include the following:
    1. Speed
    2. Wear Usage (If applicable)
    3. Chart Usage with skill usage per chart (If applicable)
    4. Arrow or not Arrow (If applicable)
    5. Slip Bonus (If applicable)
    6. Forced Pass (If applicable)
    7. Where you want to end move (Which row)
    8. Please repeat this if you are going to show multiple move possibilities in your email, maintain the same speed in each plot to start at least.
  8. Please be as detailed as you can be with your move. If you plan to spend skill, if going on charts, you must specify this in your move, if this is not specified you will spend no skill on chart being rolled on.
  9. If you want to get a slip, you must indicate it in your move. If slip move cannot be taken at end of your move due to a blocked track, you will not be given the slip.
  10. You must state if you want to force pass and whom you want to force pass.
  11. If you do not specify where you want to end in a row, the inside will be assumed no matter what your speed.
  12. If a move is not received by a competitor by the time a turn is suppose to be processed, a safe move will be plotted for said driver, using no wear if possible; if this is not achievable the least amount of wear possible will be spent for corner using the cars characteristics. No Charts will be utilized for auto moves unless it absolutely needs to be used to slow a car down to make legal move through corner.
  13. If a driver fails to turn in a move 3 times in a row without explanation, the car will be retired from this race.
  14. Failure on charts means damage to your car. For Failing Top speed or Accel test you take -20 to tested stat. For failing Decel test you take -20 to decel and pay 1 wear.
  15. Example: you are going 140 with a 40 decel and all you send is ˇ§My move is 80.ˇ¨ The GM will roll a Test Brakes using no skill, unless driver indicates at start of race they want to use Wear to Late Brake or Brake further under decel.
  16. Collisions will be avoided. If the lane is blocked ahead of driver, his/her car will take another lane unless track is fully blocked. If so the longest path will be used till blocked track and then deceleration chart will be used (Choice of Test Brakes or Tire will be up to driver after move)
  17. Just to clarify, if you have to spend a wear for late braking or a failed force pass and don't have the wear you spin, if you need to spend a wear for cornering and you have no wear, you crash out, and there is no after crash roll for other cars unlike if you crash on a chance roll.
  18. In corners, the front of the square determines if drivers are in same row for moving purposes.
  19. Any other questions feel free to ask.

Seeding of Heat/Final Races

  1. This online tournament will consist of 2 qualifying races and 1 finals
  2. Max Racers allowed to race each heat is 36.
  3. Maximum of 12 cars per race
  4. The amount of races in a heat will be equal to number of racers racing / twelve (12) rounded up.
  5. The amount of racers in each heat will be equal to the number of racers racing / amount of races in a heat rounded down with extra racers being placed in Heat Race a then Heat Race b.
  6. d100 will be rolled for each driver to place in heat high to low alternating between heats a b c a b c and so on.
  7. The amount of racers to qualify in from each race in a heat will be equal to six (6) / the amount of races in a heat.
  8. In the case that an already qualified driver qualifies again for the feature the following tiebreakers will be used to qualify in another racer:
    1. Best individual finish
    2. Average Finish (a did not start finish is equal to the biggest race in that heat +1)
    3. Die Roll (d100)
  9. Bonus to final bidding will be as followed:
    1. First Place in heat: 5 wear
    2. Second place in heat: 3 wear
    3. Third Place in heat: 2 wear
    4. Fourth Place in heat: 1 wear
    5. Fifth Place in heat: 0 wear
  10. Bonus wear will be added to bid for pole on finals race

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