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2018 WBC Updates

  • Track List
  • WBC Steward Chris conducted a couple polls:
  • Related Notes for 2018:
    • We'll be splitting to 3 tables when we hit 21 players.
    • We're sticking with 3 laps (with one exception). I forgot to mention this when sending out the tracks, but Oyama (on Day 1) will have 5 laps instead of 3, due to its short length.
    • We know the tracks in advance (which was sent out a month or so ago).
    • Table seating will determined randomly within skill groups. (I talked to Ken and he said this was fine and that several other games do the same thing with AREA rankings).
    • No slip rules will be changing.
    • Finally, on the subject of Table Talk, let's continue to have a fun time around the table and talk and banter like we always have. Just bear in mind that coordination of moves and/or collusion is highly frowned upon, so be respectful of your fellow racers. We've been getting a bit relaxed on that subject in the last few years, so let's be more mindful in the future.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The track for the final race at the Championship Formula Racing Event at the 2017 World Boardgaming Championships will be Sochi instead of Baku. Also note that bonus skill will NOT be awarded in the final race as has been the custom in recent years.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tracks Announced for Championship Formula Racing Event at the 2017 World Boardgaming Championships

Thursday, April 2, 2015

For me, the game of Speed Circuit that I grew up with has become the game of Championship Formula Racing (CFR) to be published by Jolly Rodger Games. So while the program will say Speed Circuit, you will find that I seldom do any more.

Many, many thanks to Chris Long for being Chief Steward again this year. I will get up to Lancaster on Thursday and Friday to run the demo and as many qualifying heats as I can.

There is only one rules adjustment from last year, which I describe below. Also note that these core rules are very close to being locked down as the rules set for CFR. I will also be bringing development versions of some of the components that may end up in that version of the game, including a card-based system for car set-up.

Finally, I will be bringing up components for racing against historical drivers that will be included in CFR. I may run one or two historical drivers at the demo Thursday and would be happy to loan out the components to anyone who wants to play with it at the con.

On to the tracks.

Thursday Q1:
Track 1: Hockenheimring (PDF)
Track 2: Monza (PDF)
Track 3: Shanghai (PDF)

Friday Q2:
Track 1: Albert Park (PDF)
Track 2: Monaco (PDF)
Track 3: Valencia Street Circuit (PDF)

Saturday Q3:
Track 1: Circuit of the Americas (PDF)
Track 2: Buddh (PDF)
Track 3: Suzuka (PDF)

Sunday Finals: Marina Bay (PDF)

Rule Change:
Starting Grids for more than 6 cars (from the core rules)

When there are between 7 and 12 cars in the race the blue spaces are all used and some number of red spaces will also be used, from front to back, as shown by the numbers on the picture below. So in a 9 car field, we would use all of the blue spaces plus the first three red spaces (marked �w/ 7+�, �w/ 8+�, and �w/ 9+�).

Cars are assigned to those spaces from front to back and from inside to outside. As always, the first car will be placed in the front row to the inside. The second car would be placed in the front row to the outside, etc. If a space is not being used for that number of cars, then it is skipped. Thus the last car will always be in the last row to the outside. The example below shows a 9 car field and indicates the order in which cars would be placed in each space.

The purpose of this layout is to balance out the effect of pole bids regardless of how many cars are in the field.

See the core rules to see how this grid system works with 6 or fewer cars... a thing that rarely happens at WBC.

Monday, May 30, 2014

Its time for the annual WBC Speed Circuit update. First tracks, rules at the end.

As many of you may have noticed, Chris Long will be reprising his role as Chief Steward at WBC. As usual, my material will make its way to Lancaster for the events. Chris picked the tracks with some advisement and also agreed to run the two slipstream tweaks I pushed.

Thursday Q1:
Track 1: Gilles-Villeneuve (PDF), Montreal
Track 2: Interlagos, Sao Paulo
Track 3: Albert Park, Melbourne

Friday Q2:
Track 1: Yeongam, Korea
Track 2: Sepang, Malaysia
Track 3: Sepang, Malaysia (still have two copies of this one)

Saturday Q3:
Track 1: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
Track 2: Silverstone (modern configuration) (PDF), UK
Track 3: Istanbul Park, Turkey

Sunday Finals: Buddh (PDF), India

The complete rules set can be found here. The change notes are copied below:

Slipstream Tweaks: Two changes to slipstreaming for this year. Both of these changes have been tested recently and in some past PBEMs.

A car that starts the turn on the last space of a corner may slip a car in front of it. I think just makes sense given that we allow cars on the last space of a corner to freely accelerate as well. Note that you still have to slip a car DIRECTLY in front of you, not diagonally in front of you even when you are both on the same racing line.

Cars may slipstream into and through a corner. Even if they only enter the corner because of the slip(s) they received. The old AH rule was that you had to enter the corner under your own power before taking a slip. I was never entirely sure why. So I'm changing it. This doesn't come up a lot, but I think it can be fun when it does.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Its time for the annual WBC Speed Circuit update. First tracks, rules at the end.

Remember that I will deploy the tracks in order. If we only need 1 track we will only use track 1. If we only need 2 tracks (which is what we usually end up needing) we will not use track 3. People will be more or less randomly assigned to tracks. Note that I have not finished cleaning up the Bahrain track yet. The link next to that track is to a blog post describing the last steps in designing the track and includes a messy map of the track. I'll update when I have a clean copy.

Thursday Q1:
Track 1: Hungaroring, Budapest
Track 2: Marina Bay, Singapore
Track 3: Monaco, Monte Carlo

Friday Q2:
Track 1: Shanghai, China
Track 2: Suzuka, Japan
Track 3: Suzuka, Japan (I have 2 copies)

Saturday Q3:
Track 1: Bahrain
Track 2: Yas Marina (Abu Dhabi)
Track 3: Valencia, Spain

Sunday Finals: Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The complete rules set can be found here.

The change notes are copied below:

Forced Passing: Forced passing has been redesigned with a goal to make it easier to pass, bring back direct interaction with the defender, and improve the logic behind possible collisions. 2-8 is now a success (most recently it was 2-5). A single car is chosen to pass and that car can decide to block. Blocking adds 2 to the die-roll (bad for the passer) but it also means that either car might lose wear in a collision: For every "3" rolled on the dice for the test the defender loses 1 wear... for every "4" the attacker loses a wear. Not blocking means that there will not be a collision no matter what is rolled on the dice.

Qualifying: As warned in January, there will be a change to the qualifying bonuses given out for the final race at WBC 2013. Instead of handing out a pole bid bonus, drivers will be given skill before the start of the race that they may either use for pole bidding or keep to use during the race. All first place finishers will receive 1 3-skill chip and 3 1-skill chips, second place finishers will receive 3 1-skill chips, third place finishers will receive 1 1-skill chip, and anyone who manages to get to the finals race with a lower finish gets nothing.

The old system more or less forced first place finishers to play either from the front or middle of the qualifying pack or essentially ignore their bonus for qualifying first. It also essentially forced second place finishers into race from the back or middle strategies. This new system will hopefully give drivers more strategy options but still provide them with an advantage for top qualifying finishes.

Late Braking in a Corner: "If a car late brakes after entering a corner they may lose some or all of the advantage they may have "bought" with wear or skill earlier in the corner. For the purpose of determining how fast this car can go in the corner next turn, pretend that the car entered the corner at its new speed." -- because otherwise, its just weird.

Skill: Some of you may have heard that a new skill system might make it to WBC this year. I'm still testing options so there will be no change to how skill works at WBC 2013.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

As many of you know, our fearless leader Doug will not be able to join us this year at WBC and so GM duties have fallen to me this year. I just want to let everyone know that both Doug and I intend to make this transition as seamless as possible for everyone. I intend to run the event in much the same manner as Doug has in the past, and Doug has graciously agreed to provide us with all of his supplies and equipment.

There is a small change to the build table this year, based on our experiences from last year, and the testing we did through the play-by-email league this year. However, there are no other rule changes beyond that.

2012 Tracks:
Day 1: Spa / Yeongam
Day 2: Sao Paolo / Monaco
Day 3: Valencia / Istanbul
Finals: Yas Marina
The one other thing you will notice is that for each heat, there will now be two possible tracks. This is largely because of the efforts involved in making the tracks each year, and Doug's desire to make them reusable. This had actually been in the planning since last year, and will likely be the standard for the next few years at least. We've tried to make similar tracks for similar days, and we've definitely tried to make enough different tracks throughout the heats that all racing styles will be accommodated. Lastly, Doug will still be making the new tracks for us this year, even though he's not going, so I think he deserves a big round of applause for helping us out there.

At this point I'm planning to assign tracks randomly, much like Doug would assign us to tables. However, I am considering a sign-up sheet for preferences if there's enough interest. But you still might get bumped, so in either event, I would make sure you prepare for both tracks.

Anyway, that's all the news for now, and I look forward to seeing everybody out at Lancaster again this year. See you soon!

posted by Chris Long, 2012 Speed Circuit WBC GM

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yes, so I don't really update this particular page much. But I do still update tracks as I add new ones and the WBC rules pages.

Rules updates have been pretty minor for years now and is true again this year.

Tracks for WBC in 2010 will be, in this order:



Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thanks for the feedback I got to my rule proposals from earlier this month. Based on some feedback I received that resonated with concerns of my own I've back-tracked a little on toughening the passing table. (Its still tougher then it was last year.) I've also vastly simplified the semi-finals, finals qualifying rules based on further conversations with Don.

I now consider these rules set for this year's WBC. No more changes unless something comes to my attention that is too broken to not fix.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I've posted some rules revisions for the WBC this year. The big items are the addition of a semi-final round, some skill chip modifications, and a toughening of the passing table.

I've marked this set of rules as proposed. Please e-mail me know if you think there is something broken or bad in here.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speed circuit is scheduled for 2006. Due to an apparent effort by the WBC to standardize our kind of tournaments, there will now be a semi-finals race. The way I'll work this is to pass more people through to the semi-final then have qualified for the finals in previous years and run two tracks at the semis to get down to the top 12 drivers for the finals. I'll update the WBC rules with details at some point soonish.

The tentative schedule of races: qualifying heats -- We18, Th18, Fr10; semi-finals -- Sa10; finals -- Su9.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Race report from WBC 2005 is posted with a couple pictures! Thanks to everyone for making this the best Speed Circuit running ever.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Rule mods for the 2005 WBC are posted. Check out the summary of changes first if you are familiar with how WBC has been run the last couple of years.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Welcome to the new home of the WBC page. Much more to come on these pages.

Everything has been scheduled and booked for the WBC. If you haven't already made plans to attend. Do so.

I have a couple odd tweaks to the house rules for this year. (You didn't think I could go two years without a tweak, did you?) Keep your eyes peeled to this page or sign-up for the e-mail list under the community link above.

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